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A Commitment to Service

 Mr. David L. Hubbard was born June 30, 1942 to the late Alice Jones Hubbard in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Mr. Hubbard attended Rosa A. Temple High School where he graduated and joined the United States Army. After joining the military, he returned back home to Vicksburg where he met and fell in love with his soon-to-be wife, Miss Tommy Lee Jones Wright. The couple exchange nuptials on June 28, 1962, two days before his birthday. 

David L. Hubbard was then stationed in Bomb holder, Germany where he and his lovely wife Tommy conceived a beautiful daughter, Shonna Denise Hubbard. Shonna was born on September 13, 1969 in Bomb holder Germany Hospital. 

After serving in Germany for three years, David returned back to the states to pursue a career in recruiting. Mr. Hubbard recruited at my different facilities throughout his career and he decided to retire in 1988. He returned back to his hometown of Vicksburg, MS.  After retiring, he decided to work in security which he then took on a job at the federal building in Jackson, Mississippi. Mr. Hubbard was one of the head securities in his position. Later on, he also worked security at the United States Corps of Engineers. He was able to work ten years with the company which engaged in federal government and army institutions. In 2000, David fully retired and decided to stay home and enjoy his grandchildren, Keshon and Allen David. On August 1, 2007, Mr. David L Hubbard was admitted to River Region Medical Center with complications. Two days later, Mr. Hubbard’s time had expired. David L. Hubbard was only 65 years old when he departed this world and this great city of Vicksburg. Being the only child and daughter of my father, I am here to tell history and keep his name alive. My father was one of the best fathers a woman could ever hope for. We have traveled all over the world and has shown me different cultures and experiences. He has always taught me that love has no color. The David L. Hubbard Foundation began because my father truly believed in the U.S. Army JROTC Programs He always believed in giving students a chance in life and also being able to help a JROTC cadet with a scholarship in his honor.  

David's Big Family of Brothers & Sisters

Sgt. Hubbard was the oldest of thirteen children born to Alice Hubbard-Jones.  Many people are familiar with most of the Hubbard/Gross families around Vicksburg.  David's brother, Robert, is a long time videographer and photographer in Vicksburg.  Many know him as "Ham".  Lillian Porter is the oldest girl of the bunch.  She resides in Vicksburg.  Columbus "Don" Williams reside in Chicago, IL.  Willie "Churchill" Gross is a recent retiree of International Paper and resides in Vicksburg.  Artemease "Lil Mama" Bailey resides in Gardena, CA.  Vera Gross is deceased.  Linda Wildee resides in Vicksburg.  Benny Hubbard, one of the board of directors, resides in Flowood, MS and is owner of Hubbard Financial Solutions.  Tommie Lee Hubbard resides in Vicksburg.  Larry Hubbard resides in Collierville, TN (Memphissippi Tailgate Party).  Cedrick Hubbard resides in Vicksburg, MS, and Anthony Hubbard resides in Memphis, TN.

If you knew David, you know that he was big on family, loved to party, and believed in our youth being educated.